在所有國家的任何企業可以申請 TUN-ATM,TUN-ATM可以在TUN-WTO國際交易清算-結算中心,使用TUN-ATM數字貨幣來進口和出口您的國家貨物到其他國家。 TUN-ATM是您的企業數位卡在您的Android手機有唯一的QRcode存儲所有您的業務交易收入快速和容易。 請去您手機中的Google Play商店,搜索TUN ATM以進行下載和安裝。


一旦您在我們這裡註冊 TUN-ATM 並獲得TUN的 WTO批准,您將被發送電子郵件給您的 TUN-ATM的密碼. 當您首次啟動TUN ATM應用程序時使用, 您需要輸入您的電子郵件和密碼。 然後你可以從那時開始使用你的商業WTO TUN ATM應用程序。

您也可以使用您的電子郵件和密碼登錄 進行交易

根據TUN WTO ATM國際交易自動清算-結算規則,您將通過 ,一旦您同意並結算,您就可以使用您的WTO TUN ATM應用程序做買賣。 TUN WTO國際交易自動清算-結算將首先從www.wto.org購買所有商品,然後將貨物出售給所有國家,自動加合計價格30%以統一所有交易。在每筆交易中,5%將扣除所有稅金和費用。

Any business in all the countries can apply for the WTO TUN ATM. TUN-ATM can be used as International Settlement in the TUN-WTO transaction clearing center, which can be used to power the import and export of your country goods to other countries using the TUN ATM digital currency.

The TUN WTO ATM is your business digital card which has unique QRCode in your android phone to carry out all your business transaction quick and easy using digital currency. Please visit the Google Play Store in your phone and search for TUN ATM app to download and install.

Or donwload from the web page here

Once you register and are approved by TUN WTO International Settlement, you will be emailed the password for your WTO TUN ATM.

When you first launch the TUN ATM app, you will need to input your email and password. Then you can start using your business TUN ATM app from then on.

You can also log in here using your email and password to do your transaction.

In accordance to TUN WTO International Settlement Rules, you will go through and once you agree and settle then you can use your TUN ATM app to do the buying and selling. TUN WTO International Settlement will first buy all the goods from and then sell goods back to all countries with an automatic 30% mark up to unify all the trades. On every transaction, 5% will be deducted to cover all the tax and fees.

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