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WTO 物聯網 <a href="http://tunwto.twtun.org">WTO 物聯網</a>
Who can apply for TUN-ATM 誰可以申請? Any natural person 任何自然人.
Where can I apply for TUN-ATM 我在哪裡可以辦理TUN-ATM? You have to pay a registration fee and register at tunatm.twtun.org , get your app password to active your TUN-ATM app.你必須支付註冊費以及註冊tunatm.twtun.org,取得您的應用程序密碼,以開始激活TUN-ATM app的應用程序
What kind documents do I need to apply for TUN-ATM 我需要什麼樣的文件申請TUN的ATM? A picture taken at the same time you sign up and one of these documents: Passport, Driver's License, Birth Certificate, Social Security card, Proof of Residency card, or any other government issued ID, with most recent picture. 護照,駕駛執照,出生證明,社保卡,身份證,印鍳証明,或任何其他政府頒發的身份證,具有最新的本人照片, Need at least three Identification Documents 至少需要三個身份證件
How soon can I receive my TUN-ATM 我多久可以收到我的TUN ATM? Immediately after your account is processed and approved 馬上帳戶進行處理和批准之後.
How long does it take for my account to be processed and approved 多久為我的帳戶進行處理,並批准? Typically after approved by TUN, 2 hours通常情況下經TUN批准後2小時.
What’s my life right credit limit 我的生存權信用額度是多少? $10,000/year每年$ 10,000.
How does TUN-ATM benefit natural persons TUN-ATM卡是如何對自然人有利益? The biggest benefit would be financial relief. Money would no longer be an issue for parents with young children, students, or elderly 受益最大的將是財政援助。這筆錢將不再是父母與青少年兒童,學生,老人或是一個問題.
Do I need to pay back any fund I used 我是否需要償還我的用任何生存權資金? Yes 是
If I don’t pay back life right credit I used, what will happen 如果我不償還錢我用這筆生存權資金,會發生什麼? If you have not spent all of the $10,000 credit line, then nothing will happen. In the worst case scenario, if you have spent all of the $10,000, then your TUN-ATM account will be stopped. However, once you done at least 15 days of volunteer work, your account will be reactivated and you will be able to use it again freely 如果你還沒有花光 $10,000信用額度,那麼什麼都不會發生。在最壞的情況下,如果你已經花了所有的$ 10,000,那麼你的TUN-ATM帳戶將被停止。然而,一旦你做志願工作至少15天,您的帳戶將被重新激活,你就可以自由地再次使用.
What’s the minimum I need to pay back to TUN 什麼是最低還款額我需要償還TUN? You only need to pay a minimum if you do not pay back any money once you have spent all of the $10,000 credit line within one year 一旦你花光 $10,000的信用額度在一年之內你只需要支付最低,如果你不償付任何金錢.
What’s the annual interest rate I will pay 我將需要支付什麼年利率? 6%
If I need help paying back any money I used, how can I get help 如果我需要幫助償還使用的任何生存權錢,我怎麼能得到幫助? You can contact TUN Charity Department and they can help you get volunteer opportunities. Every 15 days of volunteer work is equal to $1000 that will be credited to your TUN-ATM account您可以聯繫TUN慈善部門,他們可以幫助你得到志願者的機會。志願者工作的每15天等於$1000的將被轉入您的TUN-ATM帳戶.
How does the 6% life right credit annual interest rate work? 生存權工作權的生命貸款利率6%是怎樣的收費? The life right credit annual interest rate is deducted from your life credit account automatically; you do not need to pay it manually 生存權貸款年利率從自動將您的生活中信用賬戶中扣除你不需要自我動手支付它.
15. How does the annual accumulation of property credit help me 財產權貸款的年度積累是如何幫我? You can purchase personal property when you need to with no penalty 你可以購買的個人財產如果您需要使用不會罰款.
Can I combine property credit with my family members 我可以結合財產權信貸與我的家人? Yes, you may combine your property credit with any natural person 是的,你可以與任何自然人合併在一起財產權信貸.
Do I get charged an annual interest for using life credit and/or property credit 我將會被收取使用財產權信貸年利率嗎? Yes you’ll get charged 6% annual interest rate when you use Life and/or property credit 是的, 當您使用生存權和/或財產權信貸您會收到年利率6%收費.
Do I need to pay back any money a deceased partner used 我是否需要償還任何款項去世的合作夥伴? You only need to pay your part of payment, decease person account will be closed by TUN 你只需要支付你的付款的部分已故使用者的帳戶將被TUN關閉.
Will my TUN-ATM show balance immediately after I use it 請問我的TUN-ATM將顯示使用後立即餘額? Yes, You’ll have automatic update balance show on your TUN-ATM 是的,您將有自動更新的餘額顯示在您的TUN-ATM
How can I secure my TUN-ATM 我該如何保障我的TUN-ATM安全? Do not share your information with anyone不要與任何人分享您的信息.
If I lost my TUN-ATM how can I get replacement 如果我丟失了我的TUN-ATM我如何能得到更換? You can come back to this website and login to disable your old phone and your TUN ATM card associated with the old phone and later install the TUN ATM app on your new phone.你可以回來到這個網站和登錄可禁用舊手機和舊手機相關聯的TUN的ATM卡,後來在新手機上安裝TUN ATM應用
23. How can I contact someone who can help me if I don’t know how to make my TUN-ATM card work 我如何聯繫誰可以幫我,如果我不知道如何讓我的TUN的ATM卡的作業? TUN will have TUN-ATM mobile processing officer, and you can contact www.twtun.org support emai TUN將有TUN-ATM移動處理人員,還是您可以聯繫www.twtun.org支持電子郵件l.
Where can I use my TUN-ATM 我在哪裡可以使用我的TUN的ATM卡? Any Where with Business and natural person 在任何地方與企業和自然人.
Will my salary or income automatically transfer into my TUN-ATM 請問我的工資或收入將會自動轉移到我的TUN的ATM卡? Yes, you’ll receive your income or salary only if your company has a TUN business account是的,你會收到你的收入或薪水僅當你的公司有TUN業務帳戶.
Is there a transaction fee for each transaction 是否每筆交易收交易費嗎? Yes, there will be 5% per each transaction fee withdraw from account receivable party是的,將有5%扣除每筆交易手續費從應收賬款方
Can my TUN-ATM balance be inherited by someone I appoint 可以將我的TUN ATM內餘額能否給我所任命的人繼承? If your account is above $2,000,000, then you can transfer to any natural person’s account. However, there will be a 5% transaction fee when transferring to the receiving party’s account. Additionally, if you transfer your balance before you are deceased there will not be an inheritance tax. However, if your funds are below $2,000,000, then your TUN- ATM account will be closed once you are deceased如果您的帳戶超過$2,000,000,那麼你可以轉讓給任何自然人的賬戶。但是,轉移到接收方的帳戶時會有5%的交易費。此外,如果你是死亡之前將您的餘額不會有繼承稅。但是,如果你的資金低於$2,000,000,那麼你TUN- ATM 帳戶將關閉被一旦你死亡.
What is TUN-ATM 什麼是 TUN-ATM? TUN-ATM is a system from www.twtun.org Capitalism: Madam NGO private sector Tsai Fugui ADAM-TSAI, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations to protect people's rights to subsistence Member States, the right to work, property rights require the use of traditional Chinese version of reserve dollars, digital electronic money TUN credit financing ATM and safeguard its people, Things for the People world harmony, world peace www.twtun.org資本主義:私營部門非政府組織主席 蔡富貴ADAM-TSAI,依據聯合國憲章保障聯合國會員國人民生存權、工作權、財產權規定使用傳統華版儲備美金,數位電子貨幣TUN信用融資ATM,保障人民安居樂業,天下為公 世界大同,世界和平